6’1” 190 lbs
Hair: Shoulder Length Brown
Eyes: Brown
Race: White
Power: Carries tattoo guns with ink tank strapped to his back. He can tattoo 1000 images in a matter of seconds.

The leader of the group. He is tough and snarky. A true Brooklyn boy born and raised.  He will always put his team ahead of himself, unless there is weed involved.

The Stoned Bandit

5’8” 160 lbs
Hair: Afro Black also a wild beard
Eyes: Brown
Race: Puerto Rican
Power: Super Fast

He is loud and when he talks he wants to be heard!. He is an extremely quirky  character, and is often lost in his own world.  He tends to sneak away quietly, only to wreak havoc.

Buddha Boy

5’7” 150 lbs
Hair: Spiked Mohawk Black
Eyes: Black
Race: Chinese
Power: Super human lung capacity. He can Suck and Blow down entire armies.

Buddha Boy is the creative, artistic genius. He always has his guitar strapped to his back. He is never without a blunt.  Buddha tends to be the second in command do to his keen intellect and his ability to strategize.

Tight Roller

5’ 10” 155 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Race: African American
Powers: He carries extremely large rolling papers and uses them to whip around people and turn them into human joints. He uses them to hang glide and even as blankets.

Tight roller sleeps a great deal, but he never misses the blunt during a cypher. He is also the mad scientist/architect of the group.  He can whip together and create things very quickly. This ability is mostly used to create new devices to smoke from.